Cannoli Cake.

Well, it sure has been a while! I’ve got quite a few desserts to post, but I’m going to begin with the most resent cake that I made for a friends baby shower: A Cannoli Cake!


I had been dreaming of the design immediatley after being asked to make a Cannoli Cake for my friend’s baby shower.

Do I make a cheesecake with ribbons of Cannoli filling and then wrap it with Cannolis? (One day I’ll do that.) 

Do I make a cake and wrap it with a whimsical chocolate lace topped with a tower of Cannolis? (A little too dramatic.)

So I settled on a design that would showcase these beautiful homemade Cannolis. Which, by the way, were made during a fun day of baking with two friends. 

This cake took a lot of love, time, patience and steps. Because of that I won’t be adding a list of steps or ingredients. 

I did, however, have some mishaps along the way. Like tiredly deciding that pouring milk chocolate on top of dark chocolate was a good idea. Instead of being a silky combination of milk and dark chocolate running together down the cake it turned into how Sam described as, “Poop.” Which he continued with, “If you put a baby topper on it it would be perfect for a baby shower.” That would have been a much better joke if I hadn’t been on the kitchen floor crying.

Sam did talk me out of my melted state and I put the cake into the fridge to cool as Sam amazingly brought me to the grocery store to buy more dark chocolate. When we returned home I just pulled all of the chocolate off and refrosted it.

A blank space baby! (Taylor Swift anybody?)

I’m only sort of sorry for that last sentence.

Well that’s it for this cake. I loved making it to celebrate my friend and the welcoming of her critter! Congratulations Lysney and Matt. 

Mrs.Hess, out.

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