A Christmas Cheesecake


It’s Christmas time, which is my favorite time of year.


There’s something about the air outside, crisp and cool.


There’s also something about the desserts that can be made. From cookies to cheesecakes everything is big and grand and just plain beautiful.


Which brings me to the design of this Christmas Cheesecake. I wanted it be rich and luxurious. Simple, but delicate and inspiring.


The cheesecake itself turned out perfectly.


Then I decided to pair the cheesecake with a light and refreshing peppermint whipped cream, which I use on a lot of my Christmas desserts.


For the wrap I measured some parchment paper and drew the design on the opposite side so I could trace it with the chocolate.


I had originally put a boarder on top, but I put the wrap on too late and the chocolate was too hard. So after it cooled I used a hot knife to cut it off.


I also made a new light box. These boxes are an amazing and cheap way to take professional-looking food pictures.


I wanted to thank everyone for your prayers and kind words following my previous post. I hope that everyone has a beautiful Christmas filled with God, family and friends.

Mrs.Hess, out.

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