Vanilla Caramel Cupcakes


Oh, the delicious drizzle of caramel paired with a light and fluffy vanilla frosting.


Remember those Vanilla Bean Cupcakes that I posted last week? Well I used the same exact recipe for the cupcakes, but just put in more vanilla extract since I didn’t have any vanilla beans left. The recipe for these cupcakes is not only tasty, but they’re also pretty quick to whip up.


I knew that I wanted to pair the caramel with a classic vanilla frosting. Once again, Robyn at Add A Pinch came to my rescue. This frosting was exactly what I was hoping for and her advice on how to make a fluffy frosting truly did do wonders.


Now for the caramel I was running short on time so I just used Smucker’s Caramel, but if I would have had enough time I would have made my own caramel. This recipe is my favorite and I always get great great comments on it whenever I pair it with a dessert.


Next Thursday I’ll be sharing a recipe from my mother-in-law for Snickerdoodles. Until then I just want to say thank you for the encouraging words and prayers for me while I’m going through my health problems. God Bless you all.

Mrs.Hess, out.

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