Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes


Hands down that the best part of these cupcakes are the frosting. I could eat it alone and not regret a thing. If you’re looking for a frosting to impress people look no further than Steph’s at Raspeberri Cupcake’s. I swear, all of your friends and family will rave about your baking skills to everyone that they know if you make this butter cream. (Did I mention that it takes 15 minutes to make? It’s true!)

Sometimes when I make a mistake it turns out okay. For instance, while making the cupcakes I wanted to try and do a tutorial on how to make zebra cupcakes for you guys, but the chocolate in this recipe turned out to be a fudge so it was too dense and didn’t turn out the way I intended for it to. Regardless, it still looked and tasted great. Here is the recipe that I used. You can pretty much make whatever batter that you want, but I would suggest keeping it a marbled mix because it compliments the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Butter Cream perfectly.

Then I topped it off with half of a Chocolate Chip Cookie that I made earlier in the week. You can find that recipe here. Lastly, I dusted them with some Cocoa Powder. 



I even tried to make my very first rose. Turned out not too shabby, if I do say so myself!



There you have it, the delicious Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes. Sam and I are leaving Thief River Falls on Friday and then spending some time visiting family and friends around Minnesota before we start making our way to Maryland on the 29th. So soon I’ll be communicating through my Droid instead of by a laptop. I’m really excited for this new adventure and to start setting up an actual area to photograph my food! =)

Another thing is that I’m 22 likes away from 100 on my Facebook page! It’s been a blast learning about social media and meeting other bakers. If you have a Facebook page come and find me at DFS and leave me a message letting me know that you found me via WordPress.  If you could also share my page with your friends and family I would truly appreciate it. Thank you!

Mrs.Hess, out.

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