Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies


These Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies are part one to a cupcake that I’ll be baking tomorrow and then decorating on Sunday for a Bible Study. 

Since I plan on putting them on the cupcake as decoration I had to make them mini. I found a great recipe on this lovely blog. I made one without any chocolate chips in it so I could taste test it. (Oh, how I wish I could eat chocolate!) It had a wonderful texture and tasted great. (They would have tasted wonderful with a bite of chocolate chips. Sigh.)


Stay tuned to see the end result… It may have something to do with zebras, cupcakes and cookie dough. Okay, it has everything to do with all of those. A Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Zebra Cupcake! I’ll be posting it on Monday.

Until then have a great weekend and God Bless!

Mrs.Hess, out.

When a child is forced into a brothel her name is typically replaced by a number, further stripping her of her humanity. To find out how you could help visit Agape Int’l Missions.


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