Split Raspberry Cupcakes For Two


Last night I got a craving for a cupcake, but I didn’t want to make a whole bunch of them. So I searched cupcakes for two on Google and came across this lovely site. They looked quick and simple enough so I whipped them up and while they were baking I searched my freezer for fruit. In the back I found a gallon size bag of picked raspberries Sam’s mom gave us during the summer. (Score!) Then I thawed some out, made some simple Whipped Cream from heavy cream and waited for the cupcakes to finish up. 

Once they cooled I cut them in half with a cake leveler, sandwiched the raspberries between two layers of whipped cream and topped it off with some more whipped cream. 

The cupcake itself was nice and moist and had a great vanilla-y balance. Within 30 minutes we had a delectable dessert and my cupcake craving was defeated. 

Mrs.Hess, out.

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